Clever ways to Spy on Your Competitors without letting them know


Clever ways to Spy on Your Competitors without letting them know

After starting an online store, you need to pay more attention to store management, running the store, handling the customers, and upgrading the store. However, in the growing era of digitization, the majority of businesses has opted for creating eCommerce store, increasing the competition. Thus, you need to take some time out and find out what your competitors are doing. It will help you to determine your stand in the market and plan your new strategies.

Here are a few strategies you can use to spy on your competitors fairly.

  • Discover the technologies they are using

From few observations, you can find out that your competitors are one step ahead of you. For example, they might be better at planning or marketing. So you visit their page, and now their ads are tracking you everywhere. Also, their ads are so well presented that they tempt you to click on them right away.

They may have an expert in Google marketing and Facebook retargeting. You can use a few tools that can help you determine what tactics they are using for marketing and apply them to your business as well.

  • Determine their sales trends and growth rates

You can get an insight into their customer services by buying few products from your competitors. Then, by applying a proper strategy, you can find out the number of orders they are getting and determine their sales rate.

Most of the eCommerce sites have invoice numbers and order numbers in sequences. Thus, you can order small things from them every month and calculate how many orders they got in the last month. If you continue doing this for a whole year, you can figure out their peak and low seasons and growth rate.

  • Track their brand

Monitoring the brand is an advanced form of digital spying. Usually, companies will show what they are doing instead of what the people are saying, but in this era, people share how they felt about company services and share their opinions.

You can find out almost everything about the company through social media, such as failed tasks, mismanagement, every little detail. So treat your competitor’s weakness as a strength and plan your marketing strategy, that way, you can use them in your favour.

You can use Google Alerts to get the latest news by choosing the keywords, languages, and updates. As we know, Google never misses a thing, thus, it will provide you with the latest details as soon as it surfaces on the internet.

  • Check their keywords

Every business runs AdWords to acquires customers. You can determine the cost and find out the cheaper niche keywords by knowing what keywords your rivals use and running them on search engines.

When the competitor’s ad shows up on your screen, type out all the existing words into Google. This way, you can find out the keywords, but it is really time-consuming, and you may not get reliable results.

However, you can use software, such as iSpionage and, to find your competitor’s keywords.

As we know, spying is one of the ways of digital marketing, and chances are your competitors are also spying on you. Thus, using it strategically can improve your website performance and enhance your business.

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