Understanding Basic Anatomy of Website For Non-Techies

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Understanding Basic Anatomy of Website For Non-Techies

Let’s say you have a wonderful idea about starting your eCommerce website. But as a newcomer in the technical world, you might be unaware of what goes inside the website. This article will highlight the important part of a website that will give you a basic idea of the anatomy of a website.

  • Home page

“The first impression is the last.”

The Homepage is the starting page of your website. A well-designed homepage will give the visitors an idea of the whole website. Many websites include their home page links to every webpage, so it is easier for their visitors to navigate their way back to the homepage.

  • Navigation

Like we said before, it is important to include a good navigation path on your website. Navigation helps users to find different parts of the website. With the help of navigation bars, users can easily find what they are looking for and get to that page right away. With the navigation bars, websites also include breadcrumbs. Meaning they show the current location of their visitors.

  • Webpage Design

Usually, the majority of websites have the same design throughout every page. However, you can differentiate them by their content. At the beginning of each page, you can see the summarized content regarding the webpage. Also, only the homepage is designed with big texts and large images. Other pages have small texts and a generalized flow.

  • Links

The easiest difference between the texts and links is their structure. Links are usually highlighted in blue and have underlined. If you move your cursor on the link, it will change into an arrow and display what website it will direct you to.

Moreover, if you click on the link, it will change its color, in many cases, it turns purple. But it won’t stop you from revisiting that page.

  • Content

Content is the heart of your website. The texts, images, and videos you put on your website are known as content. Content provides all the important information about your webpage than any other designing element. In simple words, to make your website genuine and attract more customers, you need to provide excellent and unique content on your website. It may take some time, but once you get a hold of it, you can take your website to another level.

  • Header/Body/Footer

The Header includes all the information regarding your website. Usually, it concludes with a clickable logo, cart, search bar, and the signup section.

As the name suggests, the body of the website concludes the center area of your website. It usually includes offer links, most popular product links, and your website content.

Meanwhile, the Footer includes all the basic contact info, policies, and address info. And it is located at the end of the webpage.

  • Landing page

The page where new visitors land after clicking on the website link is known as the Landing page. They increase the traffic on your website and improve your conversion rates. You can optimize your landing page with SEO to get a higher ranking on SERPs. Also, you can implement paid marketing campaign and direct newcomers to your landing page.

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