What is BOPIS? Top advantages of Buy Online & Pick Up In Store

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What is BOPIS? Top advantages of Buy Online & Pick Up In Store

Technologies are changing rapidly, and in order to compete with the market, retailers are adapting all new tactics. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of people have turned towards online shopping. It has been more convenient for buyers to get their products delivered at their preferred time and place.

Buy Online and Pickup in Stores (BOPIS) has changed the way of online shopping. BOPIS is the perfect way for retailers to increase in-store foot traffic and combine their online and offline experience. The popularity of BOPIS has increased due to the pandemic. According to a survey, 43.7% of the top 500 retailers with physical stores were offering BOPIS by August 2020. Due to convenience, 56% of people stated that they’d continue using BOPIC post-Covid-19.

This report will help you understand what BOPIS is and how it benefits the retailers.

What is BOPIS? How does it work?

As the name states, BOPIS stands for buy online and pick up in stores. It allows retailers to blend the online and offline store experience, making the user experience more convenient. With BOPIS, the only thing customers have to do is go to the store website/app, fulfil the order and pick up the order from the store.

As a retailer, you need to follow a few simple steps to make the BOPIS successful. Such as developing an app or building an eCommerce website, one brick-and-mortar location, and real-time inventory.

Benefits of BOPIS for retailers

Now you know what a BOPIS is, let’s dive into its benefits.

  1. Increased customer choices:

Customers have multiple choices in shopping methods, such as going to the physical shop, get it delivered at their place, or buying it online and pick up from the store. This gives customers the freedom to receive ordered as per their preferences. By opting for BOPIS, retailers can generate more revenue than traditional shopping methods.

  1. Reduced shipping charges and a shipping period:

Shipping cost is one of the main drawbacks for online stores, as not everyone can afford free shipping. The main reason why people were more turned towards the BOPIS was to save the shipping charges. With BOPIS, people don’t have to wait for the delivery. They can easily pick up their orders from the store. It is beneficial for both customers and retailers, as they both save significant costs and time.

  1. Increasing impulsive buying & fewer returns:

Usually, when customers go to the physical store, they have few things focused in their mind. They directly buy their essentials and leave the shop without browsing. By applying BOPIS, retailers can easily convince customers to purchase additional products. Customers can see the products before picking them up. Thus, it is easier for them to exchange the product if needed, decreasing the return rate, and retailers can save the additional shipping and repacking costs.

There are numerous benefits of BOPIS for both customers and retailers. Nowadays, customers are accustomed to online shopping, thus, the scope of BOPIS will have a long run in the market. However, implementing buy online and pick in stores can require investment in the beginning, but after time passes by, it will provide a smoother user experience and can enhance your business.

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