Ace your post-purchase Experience with Email Automation


Ace your post-purchase Experience with Email Automation

Staying connected with the customers once they have made a purchase is extremely important for an eCommerce business. As time passes, customer expectations are increasing as well. They demand more than a seamless browsing experience.

Post-purchase experience is essential as they help you retain your existing customers, increase customer loyalty, boost referral purchases, improve your brand image, and enhance your brand awareness.

However, many businesses fail to be in touch with their customers post-purchase. Understandably, it is hard to follow up with each customer and resolve their issues manually. Thus, leveraging email automation can help you ease up the process and make the customer experience inexpensive and efficient.

In this post, we will elaborate on how you can leverage email automation and enhance your post-purchase experience and have your customers engaged with your brand.

Focus on Relevant Interests

Customers do not skip the emails with the content of their interest. Relevancy is a key component in digital marketing. A relevant email consists of a receipt with the total amount, status update regarding the purchase, and contact information to connect the customer to the customer service representative.

It demonstrates your brand’s transparency and reassures your customers about their purchases. Additionally, you can use these emails to cross-sell and up-sell your products. Add links to the product relevant to their previous purchases.

Engage based on Behavior

Nowadays, multiple online tools are available in the market that helps you evaluate customer behavior in no time. With that data, you can determine your post-purchase email and provide them with a personalized customer experience.

You can determine the customer behavior and invite your most frequent buyers or the customers who have given positive feedback for your loyalty program. Those customers are more likely to join your loyalty program compared to the new ones.

Evaluate Email Frequency

Too many emails can land you on the customer’s spam section. Therefore, setting up the right email frequency is crucial as it helps you understand when to engage with your customers and when to leave them alone.

Check your open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates and evaluate any faults that may hold you back in your email marketing. Evaluate the value of each message and enhance your messages to improve your brand.

Personalize your emails

As we know, providing a personalized experience is crucial for eCommerce businesses. When it comes to email marketing, suggesting products based on customer interests based on their previous purchases and browsing history will drive up the relevancy of your communications.

Personalizing your emails will boost the results of your email campaigns and encourage your customers to purchase more. Furthermore, you can send your customer’s special offers emails on their special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries. It will have a positive impact on your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.

Capitalize feel-good Factor

Reviews allow your customers to express their experience with the brand. It will help you generate content for your website and encourage other customers to buy the same product. It is advisable to send them an instructional email after the delivery confirmation or the thank you email. It helps customers understand your product and projects your brand as the expert.

Additionally, depending on the product type, you can send them replenishment emails. For example, if your brand sells skincare products, you can send your customers renewal emails depending on how long your products will last.

Let’s wrap this up by saying that testing what works best for your business and implementing that in your email marketing can help you target your potential audience and deliver the best post-purchase experience to your customers. A/B test your email automation campaigns and use that data to dictate your next steps and determine how you can deliver a unique post-purchase experience.

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